Active Moisture Gel


A real wave of freshness, this non- greasy light cream quenches normal and combination skins which are left more and more revived, day after day.



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Professional Treatments

Beauty Enhancer - 30 minutes
Scrub, mask and massage sublimate your skin to bring an immediate radiant touch. It glows with freshness and beauty.

Absolute Hydration - 60 minutes
Perfectly refreshed, the skin regains softness and radiance. Tightening sensations disappear, the complexion glows, the skin regains its capital hydration.

Intense Nutrition - 60 minutes
Dry skins are generously nourished. Wrinkles due to dry skin are plumped and the skin regains softness and comfort.

Cocoon Nutrition - 60 minutes
A cocoon facial to repair and nourish dry skins. Its exclusive thermomask fills the skin with ultra-concentrated actives and offers a relaxing heating effect. The skin is protected, plumped and very comfortable.