Body Sculptor Liquid Pack


This solution, highly concentrated in Laminaria and Fucus stimulates the metabolism and activates fat combustion.



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Professional Treatments

Slimming Express Treatment - 30 minutes
These innovative pearls roll and melt over the skin to deliver their precious content to stomach and thighs for a visibly sculpted silhouette from the first care!

Marine Slimming - 60 minutes
The body is generously exfoliated and covered in Laminaria seaweed from Brittany, famous for their slimming power. Minerals and trace elements boost the body’s combustion mechanism resulting in a visibly slimmer figure.

Cellu-Contour - 60 minutes
This anti-cellulite intensive treatment begins with an analysis of the type of cellulite in order to customize the anti-cellulite massage and the products used during the treatment. The contours are reshaped from the first treatment.

Stomach Sculptor - 45 minutes
Exclusive curative and preventive approach to fight against abdominal roundnesses. This treatment associates Zen Abdomen massage technique, designed with a physiotherapist, and the trio Marine Magnesium Oil, Guerande Mud and Stomach-Waist Reshaper. Visible results from the 1st session.