Friction-activated Marine Rub


This syrup, very concentrated in Fucus is to be applied under slimming wraps. It initiates the body detoxifying process.



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Professional Treatments

Detox Ritual - 60-90 minutes
After an invigorating scrub, a concentrate of marine ingredients is rubbed with detox specific gestures. A phase of deep detoxification follows to stimulate elimination functions and drain the body.

Toned Legs - 30 minutes
Decongests and provides instant relief to heavy legs. Legs recover their shape and has a lightweight feel.

Marine Slimming - 60 minutes
The body is generously exfoliated and covered in Laminaria seaweed from Brittany, famous for their slimming power. Minerals and trace elements boost the body’s combustion mechanism resulting in a visibly slimmer figure.